Boarding allowances application

Students are eligible to apply for a boarding allowance if they are facing barriers to achieving educational success and boarding away from home will remove those barriers. There are two different boarding allowances. Students will be facing either:

  1. an access barrier – the student’s home is geographically isolated, for example in a remote rural or island location, far from the nearest secondary school; or
  2. multiple barriers – the student’s educational success is negatively affected by:
  • poor participation at school
  • poor or negative relationships
  • behavioural issues
  • low educational achievement
  • their home environment.

An access barrier application can be completed by a Parent/Legal guardian.  The multiple barrier application must be completed by Parent/Legal guardian AND a referrer.

The multiple barriers form must be completed by the referrer

You must "Save As" the following form to your computer, before you can begin to fill it out.  

Multiple barriers application form [PDF; 970KB] 

This form will need to be completed before you can submit your application as you will not be able to save incomplete applications.

If you have any questions about making an application, email

Application information

An access barrier application can be completed by a parent/caregiver.

The multiple barrier application must be completed by parent/caregiver AND a referrer.

Select the barrier to education that the student faces
Student details
Provide your date as DD/MM/YYYY

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Student address
Unit and/or house number and street name

If you don't know your postcode, please use the postcode finder

If applicable
Is this address also your postal address?

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Parent/Legal guardian details
Enter your phone number with no spaces e.g.) 044631234
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Boarding information
Boarding type

School information

State the school the student currently attends, if applicable
Student's current year level, if applicable

Student’s educational goals and strengths

Access barrier application

This section is to be completed for students who are geographically isolated from the nearest secondary school.

Please describe in the boxes below the levels of geographical isolation faced, and the effort required to attend school on a daily basis.

Geographical isolation

Numbers only e.g.) 60
Numbers only e.g.) 20
Numbers only e.g.) 60
e.g.) Insufficient curriculum access to complete NCEA

Effort required to overcome access barrier

Multiple barrier application

Upload your completed multiple barrier form

Referer details


The personal information on this form is collected by the Ministry of Education to appraise this application for a Boarding Allowance. If the application is successful, this information will also be used for administering the Boarding Allowance, and for statistical and research purposes. The information on this form will be kept confidential.

The information collected is held by the Ministry of Education. Students, parents, and caregivers have the right to access and request correction of this information.


I confirm that the information in this form is true and accurate.

I give permission to the Ministry of Education to access educational information about the applicant for administration, statistical and research purposes.

I also give permission for the Ministry of Education to contact any of the agencies listed on this application and request information that will support this application.